Who runs the Mansard House?

haron and Nick Russell, assisted by the cats Fortuna and Katrina. (The cats only enter the visitors' quarters by invitation. Their presence should not put a damper on our welcoming other small visiting pets.)

Painting the windowsills.

Sharon is a semi-retired librarian, who still volunteers in a local community library. Nick is a retired university journalism teacher. Both are deeply involved in the local heritage community.

Who visits the Mansard House?
We operated as a B&B for several years. Guests have ranged from Japan and Australia to Oregon, Maine, Quebec, Israel and Italy.And they've all had nice things to say about their visits in our Guestbook!

"Victoria is wonderful, and it has been a pleasure staying in your warm and nice home" -Italy.

The Mansard House, 609 Toronto St., Victoria, BC          russcomm@telus.net